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The Powerpuff Girls Porn

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Powerpuff Girls Porn Story: "The Birds and The Puffs (written by Bub)"

Narrator: The city of Townsville! Ah, spring has sprung, birds chirping, bees buzzing, but something else is buzzing at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, school of the Powerpuff Girls. Lets see what we’re learning today.
Ms. Keane: Good morning class!
Children: Good morning Ms. Keane!
Ms. Keane: Today’s lesson will be sex education. Can anyone tell me what sex is?
[Blossom raises her hand]
Ms. Keane: Yes Blossom?
Blossom: Sex is the biological mating of a species to create offspring in order to preserve the survival of the species.
[Everyone gives her a bewildered look]
Ms. Keane: uh…that the long and boring dictionary term, yes, but sex is more then just making offspring-
Bubbles: But Ms. Keane, the Professor told me babies come from the stork!
Ms. Keane: Well, sometimes adults make up these things until you kids are ready..
Buttercup: Yeah Bubble-butt! Do you believe everything you hear?
[Bubbles sticks her tongue out at her sister]
Ms. Keane: (ahem) Now then class, we will be in groups of two, a boy and a girl so we can understand what sex is. Buttercup, your with Mitch Mitchellson, Bubbles, you’ll be with Mike Believe, and Blossom your with Harry Pitts. Everyone get into pairs.
[The class rummages around until properly paired with their assigned partners.]
Ms. Keane: Boys, please remove your clothing.
[Mitch eagerly removes his shirt, shoes, and socks in front of an equally eager Buttercup]
Mitch: Well, Buttercup, can’t wait to see mine huh?
Buttercup: You know it Mitch
[S Continue reading

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Powerpuff Girls Z 01 English Subbed Avi

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The Powerpuff girls are all having sex in school… and even teacher has seemed to joined in!

Powerpuff girls Cartoon Sex

Powerpuff girls Porn

Powerpuff girls Cartoon Sex

Powerpuff girls Cartoon Sex

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Buttercup with her ass all ready and lubed up – she is ready to go with some aggressive ass play!
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Now the Powerpuff girls will see how big hard cocks has to be served!

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi Tvtropes

Internationally recognized Powerpuff girls heroes with their glorious return with some new raunchy pastimes in this thread… Powerpuff girls XXX sluts are the best cock connoisseurs around at riding full speed on powerful cocks giving their partners and themselves tremendous showery ejaculations! Fellas start doing it again with new series of dirty porn cartoon that never tire of their sexy pranks then for their perverse sexual fantasies …

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Another one test for Blossom: how powerfull is her mouth at sucking huge dick?

Powerpuff Girls Porn Video

There are some Powerpuff girls heroes that refuse to control their overmastering lust for another second and get right down to their naughty pursuits! ;) Blossom Let’s follow the example of this whore that is having her pussy polished… Cpulating in the Powerpuff girls porn tv-show is the most delightful and the raunchiest!

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Story: "Sidekick"

The cool steel stung her knees and palms. The scorching lava beyond the steel never felt so hot before. She never considered how the steam burned, making her eyes shut against the heat. Now that she was backed into a corner she felt mortal and powerless, even though Chemical X still danced in her veins. His brimming eyes passed over her. The decision weighed hard on her chest, like the scales Buttercup and Bubbles were balanced on. ?No, Blossom!? her sisters shouted and the Professor gave his own protest from under the tape.From above, a malicious chuckle was rippling in the hollows of Mojo’s throat. His teeth glinted, pleased. ?Now pledge your allegiance!?Blossom shrunk under his voice. She hadn’t even given him her allegiance yet but she already felt like his servant.?I, Blossom Utonium, swear…? The whole of her speech was drowned out by Mojo’s maniacal, joyous laughter and the, ?Yes. Yes YES!? he screamed in-between.After much crowing and the Utonium family’s shock, Mojo allowed Blossom to rescue the Professor. The redhead put a hand over the tape, then decided against removing it. She didn’t want to hear him begging her to break a promise just once, or the cries that would stifle his words. She glanced up quickly, avoiding his eyes, and embraced the Professor, never minding that he couldn’t return the affection with his hands tied.?I’ll…? She hovered up towards the hole in the ceiling. ?I’ll go pack my things.?*~*The pain was the freshest in her mind. She never felt so ripped apart, she never cried so hard as she did when she prowled around her previous residence that sam Continue reading

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Powerpuff Girls Porn Story: "Shotgun Wedding Redux"

Disclaimer: I only own my OCs (Julayla, Cherry, & Berry) in this story.

A/N: I decided to do another revamping of another story, though this one for reasons I can’t explain. Anyway, enjoy it.

Shotgun Wedding Redux

“The City of Townsville is filled with the most vile and strangest villains to walk the earth.” Professor Utonium spoke as he looked at the photos.

You see, Professor Utonium had been studying many backgrounds of each villain and at this day, he had wanted to explain it to the person whom he had invited: Julayla.

“But as scientifically inexplicable as some may seem, each has an obvious origin, Julayla.” he finished.

“Well of course they do, though Snake, I don’t know much about him. I mean, ever since that one time in the other dimension, there’s been a little bit of change in him.” she explained.

“Jualyla, this is serious.”

“Can I go home yet? Ace got me on a date at the ferris wheel.”

She couldn’t believe this was happening. Here she was, spending time in the labs when she could have been on a date and making love with Ace. God, she needed something to think about.

“Sooo, anyway,” she began, “what were the conclusions you came up with?”

He pointed to the first one speaking, “Enormous one-celled organisms.”

“Well duh! They’re idiots. And they still think I’m in love with that Deli-Bob Head!” she said, gagging at the thought of that.

To her, they were just annoying, but when it came to the matter of one person, that was the last draw.< Continue reading

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Powerpuff Girls Hentai Story: "Tipping Point Slumber"

It was more than Professor Utonium could take. He was a single parent raising three super hero girls and he couldn?t, for the life of him, get with any women. He hadn?t had any sex since his days in college and the fact that his little girls where turning into teenagers didn?t help him at all. Enough was enough for him; he was going to go crazy if he didn?t get something. The Powerpuff girls were still just kids, but it was obvious puberty was just starting to take root on their bodies. It was too much for him to take; he was going to get into their tight little Powerpuff holes even if it was the last thing he ever did.He had the plan drawn out perfectly in his head. He would wait for an evening where the girls are out fighting a tough monster. They would come back exhausted and hungry. While cooking their dinner he would slip in some powerful sedatives he special made for the super-powered girls. When the sleeping drugs took effect their already worn out bodies would be completely defenseless to his perverted onslaught. It took nearly a month of waiting before that night finally came. Professor Utonium sat in front of the TV watching the full blown battle take place. For the first time in his parental life, he wasn?t rooting for his three little girls, but for the gigantic six armed muscular monster to beat the crap out of them. The desire of getting into his little Powerpuff?s made his dick grow to new heights. He could only smile and imagine the possibilities tonight. Every powerful blow the monster landed on the pre-teen beauties made his dick twitch. The battle went on for a few hours until the monster himself was worn down and blown into a billion bloody pieces by the girl?s eye beams. The cleanup crew would be busy for weeks after that one. With that final blow, the Professor got up and started cooking his three little girls a nice meal of spaghetti and meatballs.Twenty minutes later the front door opened and Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup slowly droope Continue reading

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